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Every now and then we get a request or an idea for a new or improved feature that we believe would benefit the ProductCart community in general. We turn this request or idea into a ProductCart Add-on.

We carefully test it, document it, and package it so that it is consistent with ProductCart's structure. These ProductCart Add-ons are designed to be easy to purchase and install, but you may hire Red Leaf to install them for you. We fully support our add-ons, but we are 100% confident that you won't need our help!

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Add-ons Available for Purchase

  • Automated Cross Selling - "Customers who bought this also bought..." Increase your sales (and simplify cross selling) by showing other products that a customer also bought (like you would see on Amazon).

  • Calculate Shipping From Drop Shipper Location - Merchants are losing money on shipping when the shipping rate for a product that is drop shipped gets calculated from the company's location instead of the drop shippers location. This modification calculates shipping from the drop shippers location to the customer's destination.

  • Store / Product Locator - A radius based search of store locations (or places where your product can be purchased). The customer enters their zip and distance to travel and the closest retail locations are returned. Customer can "find it" from the product page to find a store that carries that product near them!


Add-ons In Development

  • "Move quantity discounts to a drop down" - Allows the admin to decide to show the quantity discounts pricing as a drop down with set qty values and their applicable discounts as the drop down options. This removes the type-in quantity box on products with this setting.

  • Product "Taxonomy" - Custom Search Fields would be better utilized if they could be assigned multiple values such as "Color" --> "White", "Black" AND "Blue". This is essentially a "taxonomy". Taxonomies include single children with multi-parents, for example, "Sofa" might appear with both parents "Cloth" and "Leather" as well as "Beige" and "Black".

  • "Line Item Order History" - Allows a user to view a history of the products they have ordered on the site, enter a qty for each and add them to their cart (using multiple add to cart PC layout). Checks stock, options, active and other PC settings. Works with add to cart popup new to version 4 as well.


Certified ProductCart Developers

Custom Development for ProductCart

Our developers are adept at building solutions for ProductCart that extend and enhance the basic feature set. If you have a specific requirement or additional feature in mind, we can help.

Email our Sales Team with your request and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. (Please give us just a couple of details including your contact information and ProductCart version.)

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