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Red Leaf has ASP developers on staff and in-house who are experts at customizing ProductCart. Not only can we assist you in building a turnkey ecommerce Web site using ProductCart, we can customize ProductCart to meet specific special needs you may have.

Our customers are 110% satisfied with this solution. The software is feature-rich, intuitive and easily customized. As developers it gives us a robust and comprehensive solution that can be tailored to virtually any ecommerce business, with any size and scope.

Constantly improved year after year, ProductCart is also integrated with systems such as Google Checkout, PayPal, QuickBooks, Google Analytics, eBay, UPS, FedEx, USPS, CanadaPost, Stone Edge, MailUp, and dozens of payment gateways.

In the past 5 years we have made countless modifications for various ProductCart clients. The following is an abbreviated list of these projects:

These modifications are not yet available as add-ons for self install. Some of these solutions are so complex that they cannot be offered as a self-installed add-on. However, if a similar solution would be useful for you, these and other solutions can be made available for use in your store as part of a custom development project. Email our Sales Team with your request and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Custom Development for ProductCart

  • An online fundraising site - Red Leaf built this site using the popular "crowdfunding" model including tools for social media, email distribution and photo/video sharing. We implemented ProductCart's eCommerce shopping cart as the base solution because of the integrations with popular payment gateways and PA-DSS level security.

  • An international tour company - Red Leaf developed a secure payment website that allows tour group members the ability to make secure online payments based on their groups specific package. We included custom tools in the backend that allow administrators to create group specific packages and assign payment due dates. The system also automates email reminders to travelers about upcoming or overdue payments. In addition we included administrator level reporting on a whole host of things like overdue payments and payment histories.

  • A used book seller with over a million titles available online and 3 physical storefronts - Red Leaf built a process that allows the online catalog to maintain up-to-the-minute accuracy for purposes of inventory and information. Tying into the store's POS system the online catalog categorizes used books not only by genre, but also by media type (hardcover, audiobook, paperback, etc.), condition (gently used, very good, new, etc.), special types (limited edition, first edition, signed copy, collectible, etc.), and more. Used books can be ordered from the secure site with an option to pick up in store or have them shipped to your home.

  • An online retailer in need of intergration with an internal system - Order, Inventory and Shipping Integration - Many of our clients use a backend inventory management system. We can integrate these system with ProductCart so that inventory and other product details are kept up to date. In addition, order information (such as shipping status and tracking information) can be reflected online virtually real-time.

  • An customer needing multiple sites with one central Administration Area - Red Leaf implemented a series of changes to allow access order, customer, payment, and shipping information from all four sites in one admin area. In addition to that, settings, categories, and payment options can all be set on a site-by-site basis from one admin area.

  • An international company in need of a multi-language site - We implemented an eCommerce solution and worked with this company to globalize their content, making their site available in both Spanish and French. At the click of a button users can toggle between the 3 langauges.


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