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At Red Leaf, we create smart solutions that help businesses reach their online marketing goals. We are keenly interested in providing our clients the tools they need to achieve a competitive edge in the online marketplace.


Three key principles that guide us

  • Use the right tools - your marketing goals should dictate your strategy, not trends.
  • Keep sales in mind - after all this is not just a popularity contest.
  • Know your target market - hang out where they hang out.


Our Strategic Approach


A plan of attack which assesses online business development needs by looking at ways to increase online sales, reach new customers, or attract a defined target market. We take into consideration marketing efforts already in place and look to enhance and add to those efforts in addition to recommending new initiatives based on determined goals. Recommendations are made as to which tool or tools will best fulfill these needs.


The strategy we develop will be the guidebook to your online marketing and social commerce toolset. This identifies a core strategy that will be at the center of all online marketing initiatives. This also includes more in-depth detail about the specific tools chosen and why and about how your online marketing strategy should tie into your overall sales and marketing action plan.


An existing customer is the best kind of customer - they have already had a wonderful experience buying from you, and they will return to do so again and again. It is our goal to ensure that they tell their friends all about you as well! This is where social commerce really starts to pay off! This step involves putting the tools in place to facilitate communication between your current customers and your target market.


Social commerce is a business tool but it is measurable in different ways. We cannot put a value on exposure, engagement or collaboration and we certainly shouldn't try to put a value on relationships and loyalty. But we can and should try to establish a baseline and measure growth. We do that by creating activity timelines and pairing them with sales and transaction reports to measure frequency, reach and yield. Then we compare our baseline statistics to our month to month and year over year statistics to generate a picture of growth since social commerce implementation.

Follow through

Social commerce is like good customer service. You don't decide when to offer it and when not to; you put a strategy in place and follow through each and every time. Doing social commerce well requires a long term commitment that involves listening, engaging, promoting and updating. A retainer offers our clients an external online marketing team to help spur ideas and follow them through to completion. We'll also help you to stay on top of the social commerce initiatives (and new trends) that we've put into place, and answer any question you have, at any time!


Our Online Marketing Solutions include:

  • Cross-selling (recommendations) and personalized selling (targeted recommendations)
  • Direct marketing (Email - targeted or general)
  • Product ratings / Reviews / Best seller lists
  • Facebook / F-commerce
  • Twitter
  • Blogs
  • Conversion tracking and management
  • Abandonment tracking
  • Google analytics
  • Google Website Optimizer

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