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Harbor Candy Shop needed a new website that reflected their unique character and charm, and made them stand out as an established Maine-based company with global reach and worldwide customers. In addition to a creative new look to their website, they needed a new eCommerce shopping cart, internal order management system and reporting tools to replace their existing systems.


  • Create a new website design that is as impressive as their gourmet candy and chocolate
  • Create a customized order management system that is tied into the website eCommerce shopping cart
  • Customize online tools to accommodate internal orders and aid in production and shipping
  • Implement an eCommerce shopping cart into the new website design
  • Implement tools to measure website statistics and site usage
  • Create the website to be search engine friendly so that it will rank well with Google
  • Integrate UPS and FedEX systems with backend to notify customers when orders ship


  • Immediate increase in online sales
  • Nominated for 2007 MITX Award
  • Rave reviews and compliments on new website design
  • Improved order management
  • Reduced customer calls to inquire about order status
  • Integrated backend with Google Base to drive more traffic to website

Click here to visit the Harbor Candy Shop website


It is has been wonderful to work with Red Leaf since you can dig into more of our concerns and needs on our website, more than we ever could. You keep us updated and let us know what needs to happen before it becomes a problem.

Jennifer Flanagan, Allegiance Technology Partners

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