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K2 Corporation of Canada is the Canadian branch of K2 Sports. They produce and sell outdoor sporting goods and gear for all seasons, under the K2 brand and other brands such as Vokle, Tubbs, and Marker, to name a few. K2 wanted to replace the paper system, known as “the pro-form,” that sports-related professionals use to purchase clothing and equipment from K2, with an online system for ordering. This online system would allow for tighter controls on what individuals can purchase, and needed to be updated with real-time inventory levels. The site also had to be hosted in a secure environment and regularly has to be tested by a 3rd party security company for vulnerabilities.

Solutions / Results:

  • Implemented customized version of ProductCart shopping cart
  • Developed password system with K2 to identify which brands to only show shoppers and to identify specific customer
  • Integrated system to check for inventory levels in 30 minute increments so that K2 can update shopping cart inventory in near real-time and maintain security
  • Custom integration with credit card payment gateway to accommodate the unique needs of K2’s customer service department
  • Custom development that allows pre-determined number of items from specific categories to be purchased per shopper to prevent shopper from buying more than 1 item per category per year.
  • Secure eCommerce site has met or exceeded the security requirements of the 3rd party security audit firm.


As an Online Fundraising and Crowdfunding Company, we rely solely on our website for our revenue stream. If there were ever any questions you were always (and still are) willing to address them immediately. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Red Leaf!

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